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Short Bio
Vladyslav Sushko is a senior economist at the Bank for International Settlements. He joined the BIS
after completing his PhD in International Economics at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Previously, he developed forecasting
models for a major credit card company, worked on consulting projects for the World Bank, and held visiting positions at the University
of Tokyo and the Institute of Innovation Research at Hitotsubashi University

Research Fields
Financial Markets, Foreign Exchange International Capital Flows
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Russian, Ukrainian (mothertongue)
English (fluent)
Japanese (advanced business level)


May 12, 2020: Our analysis of Covid-19 crisis US money market turbulence here and its international spillovers here
April 2, 2020: Our analysis of relative value arbitrage hedge fund blowout during the Covid-19 crisis here
February 19, 2020: Participated as a panellist at the SUERF/UniCredit Workshop on Passive versus active asset portfolio management here
September 8, 2019: I discuss the main findings of the 2019 Triennial Central Bank Survey here
December 8, 2019: Special edition of the BIS Quarterly Review dedicated to the analysis of Global Foreign Exchange and OTC Derivatives Markets here
September 8, 2019: I discuss the main findings of the 2019 Triennial Central Bank Survey here
March 5, 2019: Beyond Libor: a primer on the new benchmark rates here
September 17, 2018: New report on monitoring eFX and other fast-paced electronic markets here
March 11, 2018: Our new BIS publication on the role of volatility ETPs in 5 February equity market turbulence here
March 11, 2018: Our new BIS publication on the implications of passive investing for securities markets here
Dec 21, 2017: Why Cross-Currency Basis Swaps Are Year-End Focus: QuickTake Q & A (Bloomberg) here<
May 22-23, 2017: BIS Symposium Covered Interest Parity (CIP)-RIP? here
Dec. 15, 2016: Forex trading ain’t what it used to be here
Sep. 30, 2016: Coverage of our work on CIP deviations by The Wall Street Journal here, The Economist here and Financial Times here
Sep. 23, 2016: Out work on the feedback between duration risk management by the insurance sector and yield compression mentioned in The Economist here
Dec. 6, 2015: Origins of `Bund Tantrum' Seen in Interest-Rate Swaps, BIS Says (Bloomberg) here
Nov. 5, 2015: Video presentation of our research on insurance firms' bond portfolios and euro yield compression here
Jan. 27, 2015: How Syndicated Lending Turns Small Shocks Into A Big Problem (ValueWalk) here
Jan. 22, 2015: The dollar is still our currency and still your problem (Financial Times) here
Sep. 14, 2014: BIS Quarterly Review Special Feature on EME corporate balance sheets risks here
Nov. 18, 2013: VOX column on unconventional monetary policy and tail risk perceptions here
Mar. 5, 2013: Article forthcoming in Emerging Markets Review available here
Nov. 20, 2012: Article forthcoming in the Journal of Banking & Finance available here
Aug. 01, 2012: Article forthcoming in Open Economies Review available here
Oct. 24, 2011: Results of World Bank sponsored project on the impact of financial cycles on the real economy available here
July 30, 2011: Two recent NBER working papers on international capital flows, economic takeoffs, and industrial growth here
Oct. 22, 2010: VOX column on exchange market pressure during the 2008-09 crisis available here
July 23, 2010: Article forthcoming in the International Review of Economics & Finance available here

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